Bravery – Activity

Challenge your kiddo to do something new! A physical challenge like walking across a balance beam, or going across the monkey bars are great ways to build confidence and tackle fears. Once again, enforce the idea being brave is trying something new, even when hesitant or scared. (Note: make sure you supervise students and children appropriately. :))

If you child is a natural dare devil at heart, try challenging them in a different way. Challenge them to try something that is hard or needs practice, such as memorizing your phone number and address. When kids watch adults dial phone numbers now, they associate them with a picture in a phone. It is good practice for them to be able to recite a phone number to a safe adult in case of an emergency.

Here are some fun print outs that we use at preschool. Cut them out and make a “phone” for them from an old cardboard box. Kids love repurposed boxes!

How to teach your child your phone number